Construction compliance payroll solutions for private contractors and subcontractors working on publicly-funded projects throughout the nation.


We know that your success relies on staying compliant with all the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rules and regulations associated with state and federal construction contract projects. By law, you must collect specific data and submit a weekly report to ensure your company and employees get paid. Non-compliance can quickly become an expensive mistake, but our consultants offer prevailing wage best practices to reduce the risks associated with complex, public works project requirements.

As a premier provider of comprehensive workforce management solutions, we’ll take care of payroll processing, payroll taxes, DBA compliance and fringe benefits. Maintaining compliance when you’re on government and military projects is tedious, time-consuming and not to mention difficult to navigate. Collecting and processing all necessary data takes you away from the actual work. Hiring certified payroll-savvy staff creates a financial burden that many companies can’t afford, so we provide contractors solutions to remain compliant and keep projects running smoothly.

Certified Payroll Solutions

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U.S. Department of Labor Law Compliance Specialist

We understand the challenges associated with publicly funded projects and how difficult it can be to manage the excessive amounts of data and paperwork needed weekly to stay compliant. It becomes even more challenging with multiple jobs in various cities or states and employees working on different projects throughout the week. Our labor compliance services remove the heavy burden of tracking each employee’s hours and take over certified payroll and prevailing wage duties. With our help, payroll for your company becomes effortless and straightforward, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Davis Bacon Compliance

The Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) can be difficult to navigate and time-consuming to maintain, which is why we pride ourselves on being experts in the construction compliance industry. No matter how big or small your company is, we can assist you with your demanding payroll needs. As a government contractor, it is your responsibility to comply with the DBA and submit records weekly. Partnering with Moore Construction Consultants will ensure your compliance and allow you to choose the solutions that fit your needs.

Certified Payroll Specialist (CPS)

We take the hassle out of tracking and reporting multiple jobs, locations, unions, trades and the corresponding pay rates; all we need from you is for your employees to clock in and out each day. Our CPS services provide contractors with construction-specific payroll solutions reducing your administrative costs. Moore Construction Consultants monitor state and federal payroll laws change to ensure your company remains compliant with DBA, prevailing wages, union wages and tax jurisdictions.

Prevailing Wage Payroll

When you accept government construction projects, you must adhere to the regulations associated with Davis-Bacon and prevailing wages. To reduce the risk of costly penalties or loss of project funding, our labor compliance consultants can handle these complex and complicated regulations for you. Since our founding, we have been committed to assisting construction companies of all sizes with ongoing compliance demands. In most cases, our workforce management services prove to be a more cost-effective solution than hiring in-house HR professionals.