When your construction company needs to be contract-ready for government projects, we’re your turnkey solution for Davis Bacon and Prevailing Wage Compliance Projects.


Meet Your Back-Office Management Partner & Compliance Advisory Firm

Our company was created to bridge the gap between contractors and the complexities of government-funded contract requirements. Without the necessary experience or knowledgeable staff to navigate the strict compliance requirements, contractors have no choice but to pass on state or federal projects. Construction clients can now rely on our team of compliance specialists to advise and consult on Federal, State and City projects throughout the United States.

At Moore Construction Consultants, we are more than just a compliance monitoring advisory firm; our experienced team navigates the challenging laws and regulations to ensure your company is contract-ready. We are dedicated solely to assisting prime and lower-tier contractors with their Davis Bacon and prevailing wage compliance needs. We have the tools, technology and insight to support all of your compliance, certified payroll and construction accounting needs.

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Meet The Expert

Adam Moore | Principal Consultant & President

Adam Moore is the owner and founder of Moore Construction Consultants headquartered in Miami, FL. He is also a Controller, Project Manager and Labor Compliance Coordinator. Adam is responsible for managing and directing all labor compliance, contract compliance and business outreach activities on all client projects. 

With more than ten years of experience in the construction industry, Adam has worked in construction accounting and labor compliance. Upon realizing how time-consuming and intense contract compliance is, he decided to offer his expertise to general contractors and subcontractors. His goal is to handle all the complexities of ensuring your company adheres to the payroll reporting regulations set forth by the Davis Bacon Act and the governing entity funding the project. This solution leaves you free to run your business and oversee the job site and your employees while Adam and his team handle your operations management.

Why Choose Moore Construction Consultants?

We take our role as your prevailing wage professionals seriously because our success relies on your success. Our goal is to not only safeguard your project but also provide customized yet cost-effective solutions to ensure your DBA and other governmental labor requirements are met. We offer varying levels of services and consultations based on your company’s specific needs in an effort to save you valuable time and resources.

Choosing Moore Construction Consultants reduces staffing costs while ensuring your publicly-funded construction project is successful. With our experts handling your compliance reporting and payroll submissions, you’ll avoid payment delays or financial penalties due to non-compliance. Our services also help reduce your risk and liability by monitoring your compliance as well as that of your lower-tiered subcontractors.